POINTek`s All Athermal AWG Products are 100% TAA Compliant.
  - Made in Korea with Own Patents
  - Provides CoO and TAA Certifications

Who We Are
POINTek (Planar Optical Integration Technology) was launched in late 2000 with a small group of scientists and professional enginneers trained in optoelectronic engineering.  With the goal of developing cutting edge Planar Optical Waveguide Technology, POINTek, Inc. has become a global leader in the following two decades since its establishment, providing top-quality high performance Athermal AWGs (AAWGs). POINTek specializes in packaging and manufacturing AAWG based DWDM data transport optical device products.  POINek operates headquarters office in South Korea with local sites manufacturing, sales and marketing, and R&D operations. Global sales and marketing operations with innovative and exploratory research activities are conducted in the USA facilities.  For More Information, please visit POINTek’s Global Web Site at www.pointekinc.com.

What POINTek Does
POINTek manufactures optical devices for telecommunications, providing optical packaging services as well professional consultation in optical network infrastructure.  Presently, we manufacture all custom-type AAWGs in various designs and features. Most popular products include:
Temperature-Hardened AAWGs for DWDM deployment in the industrial-temperature operating environment of -40°C~+85°C, Ultra-wide Broadband AAWGs, good for up to 200Gbps/400Gbps data transmission, High-Density Modular (COT Side) and Ruggedized (RN Side) AAWGs and O-Band Gaussian AAWGs for 5G wireless fronthaul applications and FTTH.  Though specific IPs and know-how’s about "Athermalization/Athermality" process-engineering-in-optical packaging, POINTek delivers specifically customized Athermal AWG products of top-performance and high-reliability with the lowest cost possible.

POINTek Pride in Technology
POINTek takes pride in manufacturing the industry’s highest performance and most reliable optical components.  POINTek's underlying expertise and technology for products and services are specifically tuned in for optical telecommunications equipment demands soaring with broadband access services via WDM-PON initiatives.  POINTek quickly became a world leader in Athermal AWG though specific IPs and know-how’s about "Athermality" process engineering in optical packaging.  With years of quality AAWG production propelled and strengthened by substantial R&DT investment and innovation, we now hold the global leadership position of very few in Athermal AWG technology and solution with POINTek-invented and POINTek-owned proprietary IPs.  We registered IP-based highly reliable “Athermalization” patents in East Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, and China and the Americas region such as Canada and USA.

POINTek in 5G Wireless Fronthaul
From 2018, we met the challenges of producing 5G wireless fronthaul point-to-point DWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer devices based on 150GHz O-band AAWG for South Korea’s largest Mobile Network Operator.  Our technology has been deployed in field for the 5G subscriber network infrastructures and it was the first AAWG Multiplexer/Demultiplexer installed in the point-to-point 5G wireless fronthaul infrastructure deployment sites.

POINTek’s Unique Selling Proposition
POINTek, Inc. differs from traditional manufacturers of conventional Athermal AWG-based optical multiplexers, where they utilize low-cost BOMs with measured risk in reliability and operational instability.  Unlike other competitors, we design and make our devices to last forever for a long operational lifetime.  Our optical packaging technology backed by sound “Athermalization” IP and world-wide registered patents provides our customers with a truly commercial grade and purpose-built product for implementing broadband services to their end user customers with a complete peace of mind.  The strong and enduring reliability of our Athermal AWG products over all range of environmental conditions constitutes the single most important Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of our product strategy, and this strategy was built into all individual AWG devices from brick to chassis, offering the world’s most reliable Athermal AWG product.  We believe in the total life-cycle cost of our products in that cost burdens from post-deployment problem would be much higher and more significant to us as well as to our customers.  We salute to the conventional wisdom in that savings from zero post-deployment cost makes us a winner, and this winning mindset paves the way for earning trust and confidence from our customers in our products and services.

We incubate and implant our vision for our business continuity and success through our investment in R&D and innovation.  To date, we not only sharpened our optical packaging technology but also made it for our USP points in producing High Performance Athermal AWGs with following features and characteristics:
       > Our 
5G Wireless Fronthaul Athermal AWG is designed for outdoor environmental operation with Low Insertion Loss.
       > Our technology of 
Temperature-Hardened industrial temperature of -40˚C ~+85˚C tolerance operation.
       > Our Ultra 
Broadband Athermal AWG is good for High-Speed Data Transmission of 200Gbps and 400Gbps with Low Insertion Loss.
       > Our 
Super Athermal AWG is capable of supporting Small Wavelength Drift, which adds the value synergistically to these AWG features and characteristics.
       > Our 
O-Band Athermal AWG is damage-free at O-band laser irradiation.
       > Our 
Small Form Factor (SFF) Athermal AWG is capable of supporting easy installation in both central office terminal as well as OSP remote node.
       > Our technology of 
Multiplicity of DWDM Bands enables us to support customer’s WDM infrastructure from the original O-band to long wavelength L-band covering extended E-band, short wavelength S-band, and conventional C-band including dual C/L bands. ; and
       > Our 
Broadband DWDM solution covers products from metro DCI including Cable TV network to ruggedized FTTH access network applications.

Our over two decade-long proven optical packaging technology makes our USP and vision possible to service our customers best and safely.

POINTek Priority in Customer Satisfaction
The main goal of quality management is to meet customer expectations, earning confidence and trust from every customer.  POINTek products are individually customized, and customization constitutes a sound marketing strategy.  From product specifications to labeling marks and product packaging to product shipments, we listen to, specify, and prototype first articles of testing.  In short we diligently and judiciously communicate with our customer before we manufacture a fully satisfactory commercial product, and the rest is straight forward, simply maintaining the same quality for the product throughout its life cycle until the end of life.  Such customer-satisfaction based quality management is the basis for all our business operations.  We strive to ensure sustainable high-quality levels for all our customized products, to meet and exceed customer expectations.  Our formal and informal customer satisfaction survey of our processes, products and services from time to time results in comprehensive feedbacks, which feed into our continuous improvement plan and practices to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.