‌POINTek Launches latest Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG

‌FREMONT, CA: POINTek, a provider of high-performance athermal AWGs, launches next-generation Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG(AAWG) product family having Super Gaussian AAWG. POINTek`s new Super Gaussian AAWGs are developed to support 200Gbps data transmission with exceptionally low insertion loss and wider passband features different from conventional AAWGs. This lastest prodcut is based on an IP optical packaging technology
capitalizing on registered thermalization patents.

‌By CIOReview, Wednesday, March 3, 2021

‌POINTek unveils Super Gaussian athermal AWGs for coherent 200-Gbps applications

‌POINTek, Inc. has announced a family of ultrawide broadband athermal AWGs (AAWGs), including Super Gaussian AAWGs that will support 200-Gbps coherent applications. The AAWGs exhibit low insertion loss and wider passband characteristics than conventional AAWGs for a variety of uses, including the anticipated application of coherent transmission to cable MSO networks.

‌Stephen Hardy, Feb 25th, 2021, LIGHTWAVE